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Per3 Gene and Diurnal Preference Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Per3 Gene and Diurnal discernment - Lab Report ExampleThe forward and reverse soils were chosen for PER3 gene and they were added to the PCR tubes along with crude desoxyribonucleic acid, polymerase buffer, Taq polymerase and DNTPs. onward and reverse fuzees are chosen based on the season of the PER3 gene. The primers must have the unique sequence region of each gene that is not present in any other gene. The chance for primer dimer formation is high because of many reasons. The annealing temperature may not be correct or the scout may not be proper or the deoxyribonucleic acid may have contaminants. To prevent the primer dimer formation, the above points must be taken care off. DNA polymerase buffer helps to increase the dNTPs binding with the DNA template. Taq polymerase enzyme polymerizes double stranded DNA formation. It acts as the catalyst for the amplification reaction.The master mix was prepared accord to the instructions. The tubes were then placed in the PCR and t he amplification was performed. To check the success of PCR amplification, the amplified PCR product was run in the agarose colloidal gel electrophoresis. 1.2% agarose gel was preared and casted in the casting tray. The electrophoresis box was filled with the electrophoresis running buffer and the DNA products were loaded in the gel with the loading dye. DNA ladder was loaded in the first channel and the samples in the other lanes. The positive take in was a readily avalilable one and the negative control was distilled water. The postive control enables us to make sure that the separation of the DNA bands.

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Why there sould be helmet laws for motorcycle operators and passangers Essay

Why there sould be helmet laws for motorcycle operators and passangers - Essay ExampleFurthermore, the number of fatalities in 2004 is up by 89% than the one in 1997 This shows a rapid escalation and deterioration of the situation. This is even more sincere since the number of motorcycles on the road is also on the increase, as Americans bought 734,000 new motorcycles in 2004, compared to 230,000 in 1995 (bicycle Crashes Escalate, 2006 Bazar, 2005).Clearly, something must be done in order to reduce the number of fatalities of motorcycle accidents, and there is a skilful need to address this issue. A simple and important way to do that is legislate laws mandating the wearying of helmets while driving motorcycles. This step could save many lives and keep the motorcycle riders safe, preventing injuries caused by accidents. In order to achieve the goal and do so, helmet laws should be legislated. Many oppose the legislation of these laws, but from my own(prenominal) experience, hav ing been involved in a motorcycle accident and saved by wearing a helmet, I know it is imperative to wear a helmet while driving a motorcycle.There is no escape of researches and evidence proving my claim that helmets can save lives or at the very least prevent serious injuries. In fact, there is overwhelming epidemiological evidence that the helmets worn reduce accident deaths and that not wearing them is detrimental to riders. Firstly, fatalities were up by 55% from 1997 to 2003, and this coincided with the pullback in helmet reinforcement. Secondly, it has been shown that 671 lives could have been saved in 2004 alone, and an dumbfounding number of 10,000 lives could have been saved in the past two decades Also, studies of the National Highway Traffic base hit Administration show that helmets are 30% sound in preventing fatal injuries and almost 70% effective in preventing debilitating brain injuries. Another study done in a university in Confederate Caroline analyzed 3,600 mo torcycles crashes and concluded that helmet

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Connecting my teaching style with what adult leraners need to know Research Paper

Connecting my inform way of life with what adult leraners need to know - Research Paper useWhile the quantity of lessons may matter with ample significance at anytime, such an instructor does not afford to neglect providing quality in his unique creative style of teaching which naturally earns appreciation by colleagues and bookmans alike. An effective teacher exhibits a character of passion toward mastery of specialization or publication being taught so that in this manner, adult learners are concretely addressed as they meet their maturing pedant needs. Be rationality it is part of his chief objective to sustain learning with excellence, he finds a way to exceed the standards of his profession. He even considers exploring knowledge of the yet unknown for the benefit not only of improving his intellect barely also of inspiring the students with the wonderful idea of gaining the intended proficiency through their individual endeavors both at present and in the future. Adult s tudents, similarly, are able to show regular attendance and to listen and achieve in a stimulating atmosphere fostered by a teacher who demonstrates skilfulness in classroom management. effrontery this condition, no matter how busy an adult learner is with non-academic cares, valuable learning becomes accessible. An effective teacher serves a huge contributing factor in making such student figure ways of move valuable ideas to application when solving problems and handling studies with the favour of working under alternative situations as seen fit. Having the endeavour and discerning what to do upon encounter of conflict make the anticipated output of learning valuably. Positive learning among adult learners, on the other hand, may be perceived once a creative style of teaching facilitates belief that new images could be found and used as a tool for an patterned advance in an adults learning capacity. Based on Kolbs theory (1984), the impetus for the schooling of new concept s is provided by new experiences where Kolb himself stated that Learning is the dish whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience (Mcleod, 2010). Hence, as one develops positively, it may occur pleasingly worthwhile to construct awareness and social harvest-festival with the rest of the academic community. Around this stage, productive motivation is sought to come along since the learning process allows each adult learner to seek greater essence in connecting an individuals public assistance or ultimate identity to a set of tasks assigned by the motivational instructions. Because there ought to be harmony of interaction between the teacher and the student in order to translate effective teaching into remarkable outcomes with knowledge, hence, both parties must converge onto a common interest or point of similitude as through behaviour and way of thinking. The effective teacher may draw an adult pupil to this convergence if his technique of instruction is built on resourcefulness, for a resourceful character tends to adopt the sensory system of exhausting possibilities for the teacher and the learner to function within transparent relationship. Strategizing an effort to know each student at depth such that it yields back similar action in response would assuredly cause higher degree of motivation for the learner to trust and utilize the concepts with pertinent

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Book Review on a Non-Fictoion book related to violence Essay

account book Review on a Non-Fictoion book related to violence - Essay ExampleDavid Crowe made a serious attempt to collect information on all aspects of Oskar Schindlers life, be it family, business, or semipolitical and what evolved is the description of this controversial character not by subjective emotions but backed by documents. Crowe did overblown research, reading everything, speaking to everyone, examining each document, actively collecting historical records, and in the end came to gather more information about Oskar than Oskar himself might be aware of. While exploring individual life of Oskar, the historian likewise gave vivid description of the wider political and economic environment under which he worked. The historian remains in touch with the Spielbergs masterpiece and Keneallys touching novel and gave inputs, which were not hitherto presented by them overdue to their limitations as historian. Crowe aptly performs the role of a historian with his readers on th is personality, informing them not only of the tommyrot but also of sources of each measured judgment. David Crowe went into depth into each and every aspect of the shaping up of a character of Oskar based on as many official and personal documents which he plenty gather actively by various sources, hitherto unpublished. It is a book, which in the process of presenting the biography of a personality also gives numerous account of the social, economic, and political environment of the Germany during the period of Holocaust. The book is an attempt to contemporise the life history or rather various emotions through which Oskar underwent to the circumstances surrounding him.This book is a definitive treatise on Oskar Schindler, who despite all his shortcomings, underwent a transformation and became the single largest German rescuer of Jews. David Crowe has studiously and meticulously presented the saga or plight of a man, who started by being targeted only with himself but ended up b ecoming a messiah for many Jews in true term. It is a must for

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Organisational Decision Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Organisational closing Making - Essay ExampleThe major constituents of a business scheme are analysed in the unprovoked of the Cadbury case study to justify the aforementioned argument.Human Resource The staff members of the brass or the human beings resource of the organization is deemed as the pillar for an organizations sustainability both at working(a) and strategic levels as argued by Richard Lynch (2003)ii. This is also because of the fact that the human resource is the indispensable asset for an organization. Hence, the inability of an organization to efficaciously manage the human resource not only to improve their performance but also call in their concerns is the primary reason for an organizations failure or financial loss in the target market as argued by Derek Torrington and Laura Hall (2003)iii.From the video, it is clear that the organization was initially one of the preferred places to work by galore(postnominal) in the British general public. The strive of t he organization to generate more revenue since 1966 was the major grammatical constituent that influenced the Human Resource of the organization. ... The view on the company under consideration reveals that the effectiveness of the organization was in the first place because of its rather unusual method of people management, which not only had direct contact of the senior management with the operational staff but also enabled a sense of responsibility and team working amongst the staff members. The arguments of Kathy nut - one of the employees of the organization who worked in the company for over forty years in the video justifies the aforementioned. The arguments on the team working and the contact with the management team that was emphasised by Kathy Ball are the lively elements that contribute to the motivation of the staff members. This is the critical element for a strategic growth in the organization as argued by Janice E Carrillo and Cheryl Gaimon (2004)iv.From the Cadbu ry case study video it is clear that the changes implemented in the organization for the purpose of increasing the revenue through the procedural approach to management and strict portfolios proposed by Mckinsey and lodge were the major hurdles for the organizations growth. This is evident from the opinion of not only the ex-staff members but also by Adrian Cadbury the then(prenominal) managing director of the organization. Alongside it is also clear that the companys approach to increasing profits through cutting be involved with the subsidies provided to the staff members is another critical area where the human resource or the workforce was de-motivated collect to organization decision-making. Although the withdrawal of the subsidies are justifiable with the soaring costs in the market, the introduction of middle managers in the team as an approach to streamlining the operations in the organization

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Discussion unit 7 engl Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion unit 7 engl - Essay ExampleThe transitions in the midst of the paragraphs are well done and it is a smooth read because of this. There are a hardly a(prenominal) things that the writer could improve upon within their essay as well. The introduction needs to be added to as it jumps into the open jury subject in addition quickly. There needs to be a smoother build up into this subject. The thesis could be a bit more descriptive as well in that it does not really answer how the judges have sought to define impartiality which would be helpful in focusing the essay further. In their conclusion, it would be better if they took out the phrase but as seen above. The prevail needs to speak for itself and telling the reader that you have succeeded in your argument does not allow the reference to come to their own conclusion. I also think the writer could expand upon the paragraph that talks or so how prosecutors and defense are allowed to pick a diverse jury. It would be help ful if the writer could delve into the ferment of how jury members are selected and how this process adds to the impartiality of the jury. The conclusion also feels a little bit too short and stunted.

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Advertising through social media is mor affective than traditional Essay

Advertising through social media is mor affective than handed-down form of advertisement - Essay ExampleDue to huge competitive market scenario, it is pivotal for both organization to use more effective advertising strategy to influence the mind of viewers. Social media advertising is perfect medium for each organization to make customers fell valued. This essay will discuss rough social media advertising which is more effective than traditionalistic advertising.The emergence of social media has provided perfect platform for each individual all over the world to connect with each other via internet. It has beat pivotal for both organization to connect with customers efficiently and swiftly (Lovett, 2011, p.18a). The application of social media in regard to advertising or linking with customers cannot be ignored (Lovett, 2011, p.18b). Customers be regarded as the crucial part for every organization to maintain its sustainability for racy future (Hoverstadt, 2011, p.82). Eve ry business is trying their utmost best to reach out to people with the overhaul of social media and gain attention of new leads, service and feedback.Social media has become inevitable part of every user where they can share their views and opinions. The immense growth of this technology is solely due to the ability of producing contents, which are user-generated. Technology has changed the life of every people. In case of advertising and marketing of products, the utilization of social media has become as beneficiary factor for every organization (Li and Poser, 2008, p.95). The tool of social media is totally different from traditional marketing and advertising. The significant impact of social media sites on human beings is immense. This huge impact of social media sites cannot be replaced by any other form of communication tool (Rantanen, 2005, p.3a). This is basically due to the fact that in that respect is gradual increase in number of user. Every organization wants to gain new clients and

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(Economics) Explain, using appropriate diagrams, how markets function Essay

(Economics) Explain, using appropriate diagrams, how markets function and the mechanisms which bring about an equilibrium price. To what end do u you agree w - Essay ExampleA market system is inevitable to convey the decisions made by buyers and vendors of products and resources.Independent economies and enterprise organizations form a private sector, and the state forms globe sector. In spite of the fact that the market is self-regulated, the state takes measures on its regulation establishes a marginal take aim of the prices for the certain goods and services, a minimum take aim of wages, limits a competition in the separate markets, etc.Buyers forms need for the goods and services. Hence, constantly increasing needs form the demand. In the economic theory there is a standardized definition of demand. Demand is qualification and desire to purchase goods and services. It is influenced with some factors (non-price factors) tastes and preferences of consumers, quantity of buye rs in the market, the prices for the goods-substitutes, and a level of income of buyers, consumer expectations concerning the future prices, income and presence of goods.The price of the goods and quantity of demand for these goods are inversely proportional quantities. Economists name this the truth of demand. That is the higher the price of the product, the less the consumer will demand with other things being equal.Manufacturers make the goods and services, which they consider it is feasible to sale in the market. Set of commodity producers provides to people the satisfaction of their solvent demand, that is forms the supply. The supply is desire and ability of manufacturers to give the goods for sale in the market. Ability to give the goods is connected with use of the limited resources, which are non always enough to satisfy needs of all people. Thus, the supply is a quantity of the goods and services, which a seller wishes and able to sell. That is the law of supply states, the higher the price, the larger the quantity supplied, all other things constant.Thus, in the market, on the one hand, there are

Guido of Arezzo A change in Music History Research Paper

Guido of Arezzo A switch in Music History - Research Paper ExampleFor a 10 year current from approximately 1015 to the time he left Pompey, there is very little documented reference to his life. (Adduci) He left the Monastery in 1025 because of his undocumented (musical) differences.The church wanted to maintain the oral impost. They were threatened by innovation. Losing lock over the chants would give more power to the people to compose. The church had recognized a sort of power by forbidding any composition other than church composition. After leaving Pompey, he went to Arezzo where he was given a job as teacher in the cathedral and possibly regain his front job as cantor. He lived there until his death until 1050. During this time he wrote treatises, his famous hand and changed the cater system of bankers bill.Music toneal system in the 10th century was complicated and not comprehensible to the majority of the Catholic monks. It was mostly an oral tradition that was comm on in most cultures. In the Hebrew Torah, the voice rises and lowers fit in to a notation that is knowing through oral tradition today. The use of lines and dots was common to the Greeks also. The neumes could unless be read by a select few. It was highly improbable that the chants of the Northern cathedrals were recognizable by Rome. As they only indicated the direction of the voice, the heavy(p) of the chant changed depending on the region of the church. The same chant sung in Northern Europe would not sound the same as it would in Rome. The neumes showed the modulation and descent of the voice.... He lived there until his death until 1050. During this time he wrote treatises, his famous hand and changed the staff system of notation. Music notation in the 10th century was complicated and non comprehensible to the majority of the catholic monks. It was mostly an oral tradition that was common in most cultures. In the Hebrew Torah, the voice rises and lowers according to a nota tion that is learned through oral tradition today. The use of lines and dots was common to the Greeks also. The neumes could only be read by a select few. It was highly improbable that the chants of the Northern cathedrals were recognizable by Rome. As they only indicated the direction of the voice, the sound of the chant changed depending on the region of the church. The same chant sung in Northern Europe would not sound the same as it would in Rome. The neumes showed the inflection and descent of the voice. The development of early church notation lead towards fewer and fewer monks chanting. As the church grew there were fewer men to pass on the oral tradition. The first illustration shows the lines of the neumes. Guido dArrezo A change in Musical History Early notation of pre dAzzero church chants were signs above the words. The inflection of the voice were indicated by complicated, non standardized notation which had been used for generation upon generation. at that place are f actures which must be taken into consideration as to the difficulty of the form of notation. The chanting was only allowed to be performed by the Church. Each chant was passed from one generation to another. The notation was based on the inflection of the voice not on changes of tone. Church documents were limited due to fewer and

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Coca-Cola Marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Coca-Cola Marketing - Case Study ExampleIn United States the fuddle has been orient to its targeted market by decribing it zero calorie drink rather than a diet drink. In Australia the drink was promoted by fake front groups. They used graffiti and spamming to promote the product. When they were exposed the cosumer advocates attacked the campaign and formed Coke-Zero Movement. afterwards first five weeks of Coke Zeros entry in Australia the product set a new cross-file by achieving the highest level of household penetration ever for any beverage company in Australia. The achievement of Coke-Zero is the power of the zero percent sugar proposition in response to consumer drink requirements. The company exhibit the impact which new products have when a gap in the market is identified.(Heiman, 1998) Another success of Coke-Zero is because of Coca-Colas bottling form which is their greatest stregths, this system allows the company to conduct their business globally while maintainin g local approach.

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Module Two Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Module Two - Essay ExampleHere is a generic stochastic variable of function4. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) formula is also delineate as a function. EOQ is the take of units in an order that minimizes the total costs. EOQ is a function of squ atomic number 18 offup costs and the cost of holding inventories.7. withstand or Buy decisions are the most important decisions made by the managers. Managers define the models as functions and whence make decision for whether to produce the materials themselves or outsource them.9. Forecasting of various variables toi permitte be represented using functions. For instance if we want to predict the next year profit then we will early find out the linear equation from the past data using regression tools and then we can simply put the value of the year for which we want to predict the profits.Sets are fundamental fantasy of mathematics. A set is a well-defined collection of objects. For instance, a set of people who have defaulted on loans amounting $500,000. The set theory involves operation related to sets (union, intersection and complement etc.). These sets are also vital for business applications. For example, lets say that,The set theory has a limited usage in business universe but set theory concepts provide a useful vehicle for presenting and discussing probability concepts. These probability mechanisms are applied thoroughly in business world. Fuzzy set theory is also an emerging concept that is being applied now days for business

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Organizational Culture and Leadership Change Essay

validational Culture and Leadership Change - Essay interpreterHe is liked by each and every employee and all of them founder great love and take note for him. He is a father to them in the real sense. The performance of the company has been stable for the last decade, though in pure commercial terms it could have always done much better. Philips approach was always base on elements of trust and collaboration where decision making advanceed to be on basis of collective intuition of the staff. The demands of the business have alterationd with the region being no more restricted by national boundaries. joined with these pressures was the failing health of Philip Mayor which made him decide to hand over the management of the business to his entirely son Tony Mayor over a year back. Tony is a Commerce graduate with a solicitude degree from one of the prestigious universities of the U.S., but has very little experience.The transition from Philip Mayor to Tony Mayor has witnesse d a sea change in the company. There has been more visible emphasis on discipline, systems, expectations of performance, change in workloads, change in style, change in structures, induction of modern technology and overall a change in approach to business with diminishing collective participation . A couple of loyal employees have been fired and some are under threat of losing their jobs. From the company performance side, Tony is determined to ensure that thither is optimal return on investments made by the company and for which he is not prepared to compromise on any count. He is also considering seriously of inducting core professionals to provide a professional smudge to the company which requires intense interaction with big clients both within and beyond the region. The whole employees of the company appear to be dissatisfied with the transition and one can feel the vibrations in everything that the employees do. Problem Statementday in and day out and all around us, we see organization and culture dominating our discussions in our lives at home, at work and beyond. In the context of this case it is necessary to understand what is an organization Organization is or so people, about otherwise resources, the way people interact and the way they deal with other resources. It is a complex system built around human relationships, relationships between human and other resources and which are eternally under internal and external environmental influences. We can see that organizations are just not about resources and their combination it is much more than that. It has life as it has people and it has a expressed purpose, a definite code, a definite approach. Just coming together of people and other resources is not organization. In other words, organization essentially means and represents people. The next question that comes up is -What is culture It is fascinating so much as it is complex to understand J. P. Lederach, in his famous book entitled Prepari ng for peace Conflict novelty across cultures defines culture as the shared knowledge and schemes created by a set of people for perceiving, interpreting, expressing, and responding to the mixer realities around them (Lederach 1995). The need for togetherness, interdependence, collaboration and sharing involves each one of us to have our own perception, beliefs and determine in our quest for being understood, understanding others and mutually understanding. In this process,

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To what extent can global geopolitics in the period since 1989 be Essay

To what extent can worldwide geopolitics in the period since 1989 be described as a clash of civilisations - Essay ExampleBetween the 1940s and 1989, global citizens were held hostage to recurring conflict between the worlds two largest superpowers which never reached a just militaristic situation as a result of both superpowers capability to confabulate mass destruction against the other (Gaddis 56). However, since 1989, many states have developed more than technological capacity and economical strength, making powers other than the Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc more influential in geopolitics. Since 1989, more geopolitical power spread throughout emerging militaristic and economically-sound states has changed the dynamics of political relationships throughout the world. This establish explores the Gulf War, theory regarding global capitalism and U.S. unipolarity to describe how geopolitics, today, has led to a clash of civilisations.Between 1980 and 1988, Iraq had been oc cupied in a lengthy war against Iran, sparked by unsettled border disputes between the two nations. Iraq, a once-wealthy and prosperous nation, was witnessing its economic strength diminishing as a result of continuously funding a costly military effort against its rival. During this war, Saudi Arabia, one of the worlds largest oil producers, began to fear that if Iran win this conflict, it would create an Iran hegemony that would ultimately threaten national security of Saudi Arabia and its oil-related revenues. Saudi Arabia had loans $26 billion USD to Iraq as a dual effort to ensure that the Shia in Iran would not gain substantial political power. capital of Kuwait, another(prenominal) oil rich nation, had also loaned Iraq $14 billion USD to assist Iraq in its military objectives against Iran.By 1990, Kuwait refused to simply forgive this $14 billion dollar loan even though Iraq was convinced that the ogdoad year-long war had achieved an oppression of Irans growing strength (Wa tson, George, Tsouras and Cyr 61). The Saudis, additionally, placed considerable pressure on Iraq to mystify loan

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The Iliad or the Poem of Force Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Iliad or the Poem of Force - assay ExampleIt is not a story of people but how force is being used to sm otherwise other people and cow them. M each people were mistaken on this aspect of the story and therefore failed to focus on a real moral lesson which is how force is the big determinant among peoples relationships. It has a business office to influence people and shape the course of events in history as well. Her insights into Iliad had forced people to prize again of the real story in terms of a force that de-humanizes people, both of the protagonists in any conflict. The psychological and the emotional effects of the use of force scars the people who use force to intimidate the other people as well as the recipients or victims of the force being applied. It can intoxicate or numb the people who have the power to use force because it blinds them to its ill effects. War can never be justified, even those so-called pre-emptive wars designed to prevent further wars by stri king at the rival first and therefore spare the populace of a wider conflagration. It can be seen in the after-effects of so many an(prenominal) wars in which soldiers return home like zombies. They stop caring and thinking soon, they engage in self-disgust (Bell, 1998, p. 186). From her point of view, there are no winners in a war no matter how this is justified. She had evince this perspective in her numerous writings stating the futility and brutality of wars (Bell, 1993, p. 149).

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SIX STEPS OF MARKETING RESEARCH Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

SIX STEPS OF MARKETING RESEARCH - Essay ExampleMarketing seek specifies the information required to address these issues, designs the methods for collecting information, manages and implements the data collection process, analyzes, and communicates the findings and their implications. (Introduction to Marketing Research)Is collected for the first date. It is in truth and collected for a specific purpose, or to solve a specific problem. It is expensive, and time consuming, but is more(prenominal)(prenominal) focused than secondary research. There are many ways to conduct primary research. We consider just about of them. (Introduction to Marketing Research)2. Mystery Shopping Companies will set up mystery shopping campaigns on an organizations behalf. often used in banking, retailing, travel, cafes and restaurants, and many other customers focused organizations, mystery shoppers will enter, posing as real customers. They collect data on customer service and the customer expe rience. Findings are reported back to the delegacy organization. There are many issues surrounding the ethics of such an approach to research. (Introduction to Marketing Research)Now what is instrument by Secondary Data Collection Procedure in Marketing Research According to a interpretation is data which has been collected by individuals or agencies for purposes other than those of our particular research study. For example, if a government part has conducted a survey of, say, family food expenditures, then a food manufacturer might use this data in the organizations evaluations of the total potential market for a new product. Similarly, statistics prepared by a ministry on agricultural production will prove useful to a whole host of people and organizations, including those selling agricultural supplies. (Secondary Source Information)However, in order to achieve this ob objective, there are certain ways as follows1. By applying the secondary data collection, sometimes it repl aces primary sources, because the secondary data solves most of the problems facing. 2. A real secondary data is more simple and cheaper if compared with the primary data, while by applying the secondary gives more fruitful result than primary sources.3. While adapting to collect information by applying secondary data, it consumes less time than adapting to primary source.4. You can get more perfect and accurate information by adapting to secondary source, more than adapting

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The religious believer Essay Example for Free

The religious believer EssayExplain the difficulties which the problem of disgust poses for the religious believer. 35 Evil is a multifaceted term that can refer to virtuous hellish (acts affiliated by human beings such as murder or rape) or natural malefic (naturally occurring events such as famines, diseases and earthquakes). Both forms cause unimaginable human pathetic. John Hick described evil as physical pain, mental suffering and moral wickedness. It is non surprising, then, that the existence of evil can be a stumbling block for religious believers. Evil and suffering poses an obvious problem for the believer who trusts in a engaging and powerful paragon.As Epicurus surmised in his inconsistent triad, if divinity fudge is forgeting but unable to prevent evil he must not be omnipotent. Or, he could be able to prevent it and doesnt. This means he is not omnibenevolent, and is not worthy of worship. The existence of evil calls into question the traditional theis tic attributes of matinee idol. Hume had very same intellections to Epicurus, he wrote, Epicuruss old questions ar allay unanswered. The ironical Hume suggests that the god who designed the universe must take hold been a failure at the job and should ready tried his hand at something else.The creator of our universe, says Hume, energy have been a god in his dotage. Or by chance he was an infant deity still practising his craft. The suffering of children is a particular stumbling block for believers. It is understandable why sinful adults should suffer, but unless one holds to the doctrine of total depravity children are innocent. The Brothers Karamazov by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky explores this theme. It tells the story of brothers Ivan and Alyosha Alyosha is a holy young monk, whilst Ivan is a worldly-wise young man returning home from the big city.Ivan tells Alyosha he cannot accept the suffering of children, using the horrific practices of the Turks shooti ng babies when they invaded Russia as an example. Although a work of fiction, this tale mirrors the experiences and doubts of m all believers. Friedrich Nietzsche, who famously announced the death of God, is another philosopher who tried to use the existence of evil and suffering to disprove God. A hot critic of Christian morality, he thought that the concepts of good and evil were invented in the course of an elaborate power-game, as a way for weaker people to undermine the natural drives of their more powerful oppressors.However, suffering remained for Nietzsche one of the fundamental problems of philosophy. Under the influence of his fellow German Arthur Schopenhauer a notorious pessimist who wrote that the longer you live, the more clearly you will feel that, on the whole, life is a disappointment, nay, a cheat Nietzsche saw suffering and tragedy as intrinsic to life and impossible to reconcile with the idea of a loving God. Furthermore, John Mackie argues that God could hav e created any possible world.The steps in his argument are as follows God could have created any possible world, it is logically possible in one of the possible worlds that supernumerary human beings always acted rightly, accordingly there is no logical contradiction in saying that in another of the possible worlds God could have created, ALL human beings always acted rightly. Gods failure to actualise this world means that he is not wholly good. This could pose a challenge to the faith of religious believers.If God is timeless, then perhaps and this is debatable God could not deliberate between alternatives he chooses the perfect universe that His perfect nature leads Him to create and the idea of His choosing between alternatives is not viable. If God is in time, He had to take a risk when creating the Universe and whitethorn not have known what human beings would do with their freedom. For instance in Genesis, Ch. 6 says that God declension having made men and if this is take n literally it can imply that he was taken by storm at what human beings had done.In order to combat this, several theologians have put forward theodicies to explicate the existence of evil. The Irenaean theodicy is soul-making. Humans are in an immature moral state, though we have the potential for moral perfection. God brings in suffering for the benefit of humanity and from it we learn positive values. Contrastingly, Augustine put forward a soul-deciding theodicy. He accepts God is perfect. The world he created reflects that perfection, but humans were created with free will.Sin and death entered the world through Adam and Eve and their disobedience. Natural evil is consequence of this disharmony of nature brought about by the fall. God is justified in not intervening because the suffering is a consequence of human action. The theodicy that is perhaps the least accepted among theists is the process theodicy. Process theology argues that the reality of God is not fixed and that God himself is still developing. God cannot force anything to happen, but rather only influence the exercise of this universal free will by offering possibilities.The possibility of evil has always existed. Ultimately, the question surrounding the origin of evil and suffering will never truly be solved with our fallible human understanding. hapless of necessity to be understood in the overall context of Gods omniscient plan. Finite beings cannot understand. Suffering could be a punishment, or a tool to bring us closer to God. To quote Joseph Conrad, The judgment in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.

A Study of Market Segmentation for Uk Frozen Food Industry Essay Example for Free

A Study of market class for Uk set Food effort EssayA Study Of Market Segmentation For UK Frozen Food Industry Abstract The objectives of this study are to perform market section for a SME in the rimed nutriment arena. The study could form a basis of segmentation poser for a SME like promised land Farm, the framework once developed from academic literature would help to undertake a market segmentation in the rooted(p) food industry with relevant segmentation criteria which would form a basis of targeting strategy for the company. In this Dissertation, the literature on Market Segmentation is reviewed and relevant criteria for segmentation in an industry are understood. The typology from the literature identifying the variables for segmentation and relevant strategic tools for abridgment of the sector is used to develop a framework for segmentation in the industry. The framework is applied to carry out a detailed segmentation of the markets for frozen food, an digest is carried out to understand the target markets and strategic tools used to identify the target markets. Along with the segmentation of the markets, an analysis of the results is carried out and recommendations are provided for strategic growth of the company. Contents Abstract3 Acknowledgements3Introduction3 Definition of the Companys make out3 Aims and Objectives of the Project3 Literature Review3 Review of Academic Literature for Segmentation3 Market Segmentation3 Definition of Market Segmentation3 Segmentation Logic3 The Segmenting-Targeting Framework3 Segmentation Variables3 Segmentation Criteria3 Academic literature3 Literature Review on segmentation in the food industry3 Portfolio Analysis3 Final Framework for addressing the look Question3 Research Methodology3 Research Objectives3 Research Approach3 Research Strategy3 Ethical Issues in Data collection3Recommendations3 Implementation Issues3 Critical Reflection and Conclusion3 Review of Work Process3 Reflection and critica l analysis of the make3 Limitations of the process3 Conclusion and discussion of results in an Academic context3 Bibliography3 List of put backs Page Table 1 Detailed Breakdown of Frozen Food Products37 Table 2 Recommended Customers for EF49 Table 3. a Market Attractiveness for Segments49 Table 3. b Market Attractiveness for Segments50 Table 4Business Competitiveness make headway for Various Segments50 List of Figures Page Figure 1Market Share for frozen food34 Figure 2Frozen food market partake in by manufacturers36 Figure3Frozen food market share by products36 Figure4Comparison of market shares of products37 Figure5Market trends for desserts38 Figure6Convenience store sales40 Figure7Convenience store market share40 Figure8Sales of Eden Farm by Market Segment41 Figure9Sales Trends in catering47 Figure10DPM Matrix49 Introduction The project report considers customer segmentation for the frozen food industry and evaluates the opportunities for targeted growth in the sector for Ed en Farm, a UK based distributor of frozen food. The retail food industry is dynamic in nature and is very competitive for the distributors. However, growth opportunities cost in the sector when a thorough analysis is carried out and the targeted segments are evaluated. Hence, the study identifies growth strategies in the sector by using segmentation framework and relevant analysis. Definition of the Companys IssueEden Farm is a distributor of frozen food and ice cream across UK with a strong base in the North East and Yorkshire. The companys prospect market is wholesale, funds and carry, symbol groups, CTNs, forecourts, independent supermarkets. At the moment, the company is trying to increase its market presence in several(a) sub sectors of the market. The frozen food retail is represented by some(prenominal) sub sectors and is composed of many market players. The business on the whole is variable across sectors and the levels of risk and opportunities for each sub sector and p roduct is variable in nature.

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My Victory Essay Example for Free

My Victory EssayWhats happening? I compreh force out the soldiers crying. I didnt understand how everything went wrong. First we were happy Then we were sad. It was like a blossoming flower caught in a storm. The knocking in my head wouldnt end. Were we so stupid altogether along? This is what happenedWe are divergence to win this war my regiment sang happily. This was exactly what my mum always wanted me to be independent, flummox a family of my take in and fight for my country She would be so proud of me. Even though neglect passed away a while back, she could still see me from heaven which she used to call a modified place.Time flew past as we were on our way to win the war. We began digging up the damp mire to build our trenches. Our feet were sinking into the soft surface of the mud. The time had slowed stack. Throughout the day, the clock ticked slower as if it has all told stopped. Our brightness had faded away. Even the smiles on our faces were forgotten. Wh at happened? We had thought that we would win, that this war would be a war to end all wars. We thought this would be the Great War. So what was going to happen? No dust knew. I had that feeling, which matte like the END That feeling is fear. I was frightened that I was going to die. I was frightened that we were going to lose. I was frightened that it would get worse.And it did get worse. The Germans began to fire. My fear came back. The captain ordered us to gravel no mans land he said we had no choice. This was it. My heart was pounding like the footsteps of a running horse.We started to cross no mans land. My feet were combat injurying from standing in the muddy trenches. The land was so empty and lonely. I was so stiff from the coldness of the wind, trying to walk on the mud and scared to death. At if I got gunslinger? I thought. The Germans were firing all around us and I could hear the fast beat of my blood line drumming through my ears. I was motionless, trying to think of what to do. But it was too hard. At once all I could think about was my mum. Her words went through my head one day, youll find your victory Its indoors you from then on I knew exactly what to do. I knew that I would find my victory. I didnt care if my body was in pain. My mind was strong and thats what mattered.I dodged the bullets and fought so hard, running and shooting the Germans. But suddenly I felt a pain, a bigger sharper pain than Ive had before. It was just above my stomach, in the middle. It hurt so much. The ripping feeling was an agony. I looked down and saw blood everywhere. Id been shot As I through my feet forward to walk, I couldnt take any more of the tearing pain. Slowly, I dropped to the muddy ground. subscriber line was running down my hands. The incapable agony of the burning bullet got worse and worse notwithstanding I was still alive.And then Flash through my eyes Something wonderful had happened. The pain flew away, along with my fear. Flash again, but this time I saw my whole life in a flashback right before my own eyes It felt incredible. Everything went dark. And suddenly I saw my mum. She was standing in a bright frail like an angel. This wasnt a memory this was a real fantasy. Her eyes filled with happiness. Her tears rolled down her cheeks and dripped of her lips. She was happy, and so was I. I knew that I would never lose her. I knew I found my victory.

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Causes and Effects of Smoking Essay Example for Free

Causes and Effects of Smoking endeavorSmoking is naughtily for health. It is a genuinely familiar slogan that you can easy to verify in all pack of cig arttes and in public places. However, there is a fact that, despite knowledge about take in damage, the number of raft who smoke is increasing day by day. Smoking causes many a nonher(prenominal) negative effect than people think. It affects non only health but also environment and participation.First, fume affects health of both smoking individual and people around him. There are many unplayful disease germs in tobacco plant, so that health of people who smoke is threatened a lot when they smoke. gibe to World Health Organization (WHO), there are cc toxic chemicals per 4000 chemicals in tobacco, and in these 200 toxic chemicals, there are about 40 chemicals cause cancer such as nicotine, monoxide carbon, benzene, ammoniac, etc. These chemicals buzz off bad effect on nervous system, blood vessel and are the mai n case of heart disease, cancer, memory damage. A study of WHO also shows that each day, average 5 million people die because of tobacco and this figure could rise to 10 million by 2020 if countries dont have effective solution to restrict smoking.In addition, smoke is easy to spread in the air, therefore not only smoking people but also people around them are affected. That mean, when a person smokes, he is harming both himself and many people especially children. These people are call passive smoking people. Because immunize system of children doesnt complete, they are easy to be affected by harmful factors from smoke. Thats why the threat of disease cause by smoke in children is higher than others. Some statistics in Vietnam show that about 60 -80 per cent children under 5 are affected by smoke. They are also easy to get well-nigh diseases like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis if they usually contact with smoke.Smoking also has bad effect on environment. The tobacco manufacture re leases an amount of waste including a lot of toxic chemicals such as oils, plastic, ethylene, glycol, nicotine, etc. These chemicals make water and soil as well as air in surrounding areas is contamination. In USA, tobacco manufacture is rank 18th in toxic industries. Each year, tobacco manufacture of the World releases about 300 million kilograms nicotine, one of toxic chemicals causes cancer and heart disease. Moreover, do you know that 95 per cent filter of cigarette made of plastic cellulose acetate? This chemical is very difficult to decompose and cant recycle, so that it takes several years to disappear. In this time, this chemical whitethorn cause many effects on soil, water, even animal because some kind of birds and small animals dishearten filter of cigarette as their food. Chemicals in cigarette filter make animals cant bear out and they may be killed by these chemicals.Not only health and environment but also society is affected a lot by smoking. First, smoking restrai ns economic development. Because of levy, tobacco is not cheap. In Vietnam, tax on tobacco is accounted of 45 per cent retail tax. It is supposed that a pack of cigarettes costs 10 thousand VND, so if a person smokes one pack a day he has to break 300 thousand VND a month for smoking. However, in fact, this is maybe much more money because some kinds of cigarette have higher price and with addicted people, a pack of cigarettes a day is not enough. For person got married, wasting a lot of money for smoking a month affects much on economics of family, especially poor family.Consequently, economics of a country cannot develop when economics of family doesnt develop. In addition, another problem of smoking is medical burden. Smoking causes many diseases and also kills a lot of people. In Vietnam, each year, there are about 40,000 people die because of diseases related to tobacco. This figure is three measure as much as people die because of traffic accident. Furthermore, each year, government has to spend a lot of money for health service in general and for treating diseases cause by tobacco in particular. In fact, expense for treating diseases cause by tobacco in Vietnam increases rapidly from 429, 8 billion in 2004 to 1160 billion in 2006, and in the future this expense maybe higher. It makes a big burden for government to solve smoking problem.There are not any benefits of smoking but serious effects in health, environment and society. Its very important for people to realize the danger of smoking and kick down up it. Thats why WHO choose the day 31/5 is World No tobacco Day. All of us join together to make a world without smoke.

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In what ways did popular culture Essay Example for Free

In what ways did habitual culture EssayThe entertainment profiteers encourage a fai ade of classlessness which would undermine working class solidarity 3. This was not good for communism for a collectivistic state to emerge, the workers themselves need to take control. socialist economy rests on the premise that the proletariat should be aware and chivalrous of their background, and certainly not aspire to join the eye classes, the ones who are expected to be overthr give birth. Its interesting that the recommended alternatives to commercial-grade entertainment, put foreword by socialists in the late 19th century, were often related to the natural countryside. For example, the clarion (The weekly socialist paper founded in 1891 by Robert and Montague Blatchford and influenced by the ideas of William Morris) soon became a movement with its own hiking, climbing and cycling clubs. This leisurely, back to nature approach was intended to promote a healthy biography and portra y its followers as energetic campaigners, who could turn their backs on the urban squalor. According to David Prynn, such groups uttered a revulsion against the ugliness and anonymity of urbanised, industrial society, and a deep reverence for nature4.Nowhere were the oppose effects of capitalism to a greater extent visible than in the industrial towns and Engels describes this in detail in The build Of The Working Class In England. British socialists were likely to have been influenced by this key Marxist text. However, notwithstanding the popularity of the Clarion clubs, the easy availability and convenience of commercial entertainment must have contend a part in preventing more from joining. Why would somebody, after a hard weeks work, want to travel step forward of the town when the pub, theatre or football ground was just round the corner?And the energetic nature of socialist pastimes (such as choir singing, cycling, hiking) did not really lend itself to the physically dema nding shifts in the factories, mines and mills. unison Music hall entertainment was another realm of commercial recreation considered by socialist thinking as unhealthy passive entertainment. The gulf between performer on the stage and paying spectator in the audience discouraged the working class from making their own medicine. To socialists, the commercial revolution had eradicated a executable popular musical culture5. Music halls were seen as a threat to local performers and travelling showmen.Music played an Copernican part in socialist circles, as it was recognised as arguably the most popular form of entertainment. Alternatives to Music hall shows were group choirs (For example, the nationwide Clarion Vocal Union) and sing-along political compositions, which not single emphasised community spirit by encouraging participation, unless to a fault were seen as essential for propaganda value, the lyrics transfuse in people the ideas of the socialist cause. Music hall attenda nce, and the nature of the entertainment there, was therefore viewed as counter-productive to the cause.The music hall acts themselves would tend to reaffirm bourgeoisie values by reflecting everyday life and the songs could hardly be considered as inflammatory. According to John Kenrick With women and children in the audience, the material was never more than mildly risqui. The songs were mostly sentimental and/or comic takes on everyday life, as well as spoofs of the rich and famous. 6 Furthermore, the re naked as a jaybirding and variation of music hall acts was not good for creating a common musical heritage7, which was seen as important in cementing working-class unity.Folk songs were added to the socialist repertoire, considered to be timeless songs of the people. Conclusion The rising popularity of British fabianism and its accompanying clubs and associations demonstrates that the working classes were not entirely diverted away from socialism, as this essay question sugges ts. Socialism (which, after all, was a new idealism in the late 19th century, and was born in the thick of the fastest growing industrial nation in the world and found itself having to compete with that nations capitalist values) never went away and continued to grow in strength through the next century.However, forces existed, of which commercial entertainment was one, which prevented socialism from being as popular as it might have been. As sport and leisure became new fields of investment for entrepreneurs, capitalism became an even bigger part of life for the masses. The money they made from take was put back into the system via paid-for entertainment. The other reasons that Socialists were unable to win over more of the masses could be linked to the types of leisure activities they put foreword.These activities were physically demanding, as I have already explained, but also they were arguably the type of leisure enjoyed by the middle classes. The unintended result of this was that movements like Blatchfords tended to attract more middle class socialists, and had less appeal to the working classes. Socialists advocated leisure time spent in the countryside but to travel out of the city every weekend could also have been regarded as the privilege of the middle class. Perhaps socialists needed to start their campaigns from within the towns where the workers lived, not from outside them.Word count = 1560 Bibliography Waters, C British Socialists and the Politics of Popular Culture Manchester University press, 1990 Prynn, D The Clarion Clubs, Rambling and the holiday Associations in Britain since the 1890s ledger of Contemporary History 11,1976 Benson, J The Working Class in England 1875 1914 Croom Helm, 1985 Marx and Engels The Manifesto of the Communist Party Progress, 1952 Engels, F The Condition Of The Working Class In England Oxford University Press, 1993 John Kenrick The British Music Hall http//www. musicals101. com/musichall. htmJames Sotheran S OCHI2036 IN WHAT WAYS DID POPULAR CULTURE AND PEOPLES PASTIMES DIVERT THE WORKING CLASS AWAY FROM SOCIALISM? Module leader Ray Physick 1 Waters, C British Socialists and the Politics of Popular Culture Manchester University press, 1990, (P. 23) 2 Same as 1 (P. 44-50) 3 Same as 1 (P. 40) 4 Prynn, D The Clarion Clubs, Rambling and the Holiday Associations in Britain since the 1890s Journal of Contemporary History 11,1976 (P. 65) 5 Same as 1 (P. 103) 6 John Kenrick The British Music Hall http//www. musicals101. com/musichall. htm 7 Same as 1 (P. 105).

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Good and Evil in Beowulf Essay Example for Free

Good and nefariousness in Beowulf EssayThe account statement of Beowulf was believably composed in England some term in the Eighth Century AD, and written down circa 1000 AD, by a literate scop (bard) or perhaps a Christian scribe who was possibly educated in a monastery. The poetry was created in oral tradition and was transferred to writing over time. It had its roots in family unit tales and traditional stories until some very talented poet put it in something very near to its current form. The poem was more than likely performed for audiences at court or on the road as the scop found audiences to accompaniment him. It was sung or chanted rather than recited it, and usually to the accompaniment of a harp. There was a eonian difference of opinion surrounded by thoroughly and atrocious in the story. Beowulf, matinee idol, and Wiglaf delineate trustworthy in the poem whereas Grendel, his mother, and Cain portrayed the contrasting side of evil. Beowulf and Grendel d elineated the ultimate struggle of honourable and evil. Grendel tried to destroy everything around him succession Beowulf tried to do good all the time. The first battle between Beowulf and Grendel, Beowulf was God (good) and Grendel was Cain (evil).This was actually an allusion from the Bible, the story of Cain and was used to compare Gods feelings of Grendel, a descendant of Cain. The book stated, Since Cain had killed his only / Brother, slain his fathers son / with an angry sword. God drove him off, / outlawed him. Cain killed his brother because he was evil and God shunned and marked him for his evilness. God used his wrath to take care of Cain. God had the same feelings for Grendel.Grendel was described as a vicious monster that was an materialization of everything evil, God refused to forgive Grendel and favored Beowulfs pride over Grendels sins. In the battle, God granted Beowulf sweep over victory. The book stated, The Ruler of the heavens brought about a right issue, w hen once more he stood up with ease. God stood with ease because the beast he hated, Grendel, was dead. Beowulf was a mighty, honorable hero who had super strength and the egotism to match his strength. He thwarted Grendel with his bare hands, and then he fought Grendels vengeful mother.Tired and torn, Beowulf, with his goodness, was able to vanquish Grendels mother. , At the brink of exhaustion, Beowulf grabbed a monstrous sword and the book continued, he struck furiously the blade went straight through the doomed body. This was the perfect example of goodness. The story of good and evil was told from the beginning of mans existence. Beowulf, revealed how this was evident and explained the side of good as depicted in the hero Beowulf. Evil was personified in Grendel, Beowulfs, opposite, the man-eating beast that terrorized humanity.As long as the delicate balance of good and evil was know the characters in the epic related to the concept of good and evil. Good won out every t ime there was a contest because God wanted good to prevail. Beowulf showed how good was related to evil. This story represented these qualities in both main characters. The struggle began when God allowed demon dominion over the earth. The battle between them had been recorded throughout literary level. Some of the heroes that had challenged Satan did so to protect the weak. Others fought for fame and glory.The theme of good vs. evil that was present in the story of Beowulf, it became the classic foundation of many modern stories. Beowulf and Grendel represented the ultimate struggle of good and evil. Grendel tried to destroy everything around him. To Beowulf, this was another conquest. It allowed him to do yet another good action that commonwealth talked about for a long time. Beowulf represented God and Grendel was Satan. The struggle between God and Satan had existed throughout time. Beowulf was all that was good, moral, and ethical. He lived by the rules of God.Grendel denou nced those rules to live by his own. Thinking only of that which gave him pleasure, he seek to destroy everything good and kind. Truly, Beowulf was like a parent and Grendel was like a child whom he chastised. Beowulf displayed a variety of things that the Anglo-Saxon people valued many of those traits were expressed through the main character, Beowulf. In him, was seen the qualities of courage, dedication and a thirst for fame. The character and story also had one running theme throughout, the age-old checkmate of good versus evil.Beowulf was the epic hero of this poem. He embodied all the characteristics that a hero should, such as bravery, loyalty and strength, both physical and mental. He was the archetypal hero. He fought for good and represented it as well. Beowulf horse sense good, but there was a contrasting evil to complete the balance. The monster Grendel and his mother were that evil. The mere scent of them left the impression of fear and sin. He strode quickly acros s the inlaid floor, snarling and fierce His eyes gleamed in darkness, burned with a gruesome Light. Their wickedness seemed to spread to their home, infecting the lake in which they lived. A deer, hunted through the woods by packs of hounds, a stag with great horns, though driven through the forest from faraway places, favored to die on those shores, refused to save its life in that water. This signified good and evil. Beowulf confronted the monsters and defeated them. (Baldwin, 99). With each of the characters representing good and evil respectively, Grendels defeat clearly symbolized Beowulf and his goodness overcoming the beasts wickedness, just as we would view Christ defeating Satan.Throughout history and in endless fairytales, good was always victorious over evil. The white knight always defeated the dragon. This was no exception with Beowulf. Though the poem ended in his demise, Beowulf was remembered for being the hero that saved his people from the evils of their world. In conclusion, in the epic Beowulf, there was a constant struggle between good and evil. Beowulf and Grendel represented the ultimate struggle of good and evil. Grendel tried to destroy everything around him while Beowulf tried to do good all the time.

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Existentialism and the Meaning of Life Essay Example for Free

Existentialism and the Meaning of Life EssayThis paper allow for discuss the existentialist position and how polar societal factors contribute to the creation of different import in a persons life. It will study how value systems argon formed and will borrow heavily from Jean capital of Minnesota Sartes concept of existence precedes essence. It is important to note that the author will present the arguments and correlate it with the two films that were used in writing this paper.First, I will explain the center of life and how it is created. Next, there will be a brief discussion on how state apparatuses equal religion and the government keeps aims to keep the meaning of peoples lives in certain restrictive areas. whence I will outline the different arguments of existentialist philosophers particularly that of Sarte and Albert Camus.Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself (Miller Jensen, 2006). People are all born out of the wonders of biological functions but a s people throw the protective womb of their mothers, they will be exposed to different stimulants in the environments. And this will prompt them to hold things different from how other people learn it. Therefore, a man is a sponge who absorbs information in very unique delegacys. And the things that were absorbed create a man who has an equally unique reason for the meaning of his existence.The very question of life is what paved the way for the existential branch of philosophical studies. It is by way of nature that beings search for the meaning of life. But humans as we are, there will be different interpretations of the meaning of life. Each person is blessed with the unique ability to identify different reasons for his existence. And there are also different perspectives used to uncover the meaning of life. Thus, for this paper we will use Jean Paul Sartes theory of essence precedes existence.BackgrounderThe ultimate goal in finding the meaning of singles life is to make a r ational sense out of life (Stewart Blocker, 1987). Self realisation is one of the things specified in the hierarchy of needs. And in order to know the personality of ones self, it is fundamental to make sense of life in itself. Unlike the perspective of the absurdistspeople who focus on the nonmeaningfulness of life and the vacuity of human existence (Stewart Blocker, 1987)existentialists seek meaning in the rather meaningless world in order to affirm the significance of their existence.

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Illustrate to audiences Essay Example for Free

sicklyustrate to audiences EssayThis is the opinion in which the confrontation surrounded by Maggie and Hobson in takes place in the living room. Prior to this pic Maggie has asseverateed Hobson that she is Going to marry Willie. Hobson does non involve Maggie to get married plainly he doesnt mind Vickey and Alice getting married because they are of little use around the shop and home. Hobson does not want Maggie to get a husband because he is selfish. Maggie is the missy that is the most businesslike and helps him with the shop regularly. If Maggie were to marry, Hobson would instaler to do many proper work in the shop.This scene starts with Maggie speaking to Hobson say You and lull be straight with one another, father. Im not a fool and youre not a fool, and things may as well be put in their places as left untidy. present Maggie is very direct in speaking and this is signposting to the audience that there is going to be a confrontation.Hobson replies with pe tulance by saying You senst have Willie Mossop. Why, lass, his father was a workhouse brat. This is an example of the class differences again as Hobson is a shopkeeper and Willie is one of the working class. Willie had come from a misfortunate background and the penniless poor like his father were taken to these workhouses and put to use.To this Maggie replies Its news to me were snobs in Salford. This ocellus would have been humorous to audiences of the ancient and present because Salford has always been a working town. Hobson is here concerned about his image within the residential area and about what his friends will think of him in the Moonrakers. Hobson illustrates these thoughts when he says Id be the laughing-stock of the place if I each(prenominal)owed it. I drug abuse have it, Maggie. Hobson pastcece tries to justify his stance by adding Its hardly decent at your while of life. sensation aspect in which audiences of the historic would react differently to audience s of the present is when Hobson says Its hardly decent at your time of life (Maggie is only 30). However, at the time this book was written people married an awful sess younger, mainly because the average life expectancy back then was a lot younger. Whereas in our geezerhood people marry at this age and older still. Therefore, audiences of past and present would react differently. An audience of the past may have thought this comment was diverting, however, an audience of the present may not think it was such(prenominal) a big deal and may excessively look on it from Maggies point of view as a demoralizing comment. However, Hobsons selfish snobbish ways would make audiences of both past and present want Maggie to marry Willie just to spite Hobson for his pathetic behaviour.An audience of the past would have found Maggies next line And now Ill tell you my terms risible because it is an example of role reversal because in those long time the earth was the master and was in cha rge and he was the one who laid hatful the terms and rules.Maggie then goes on to state her terms, telling her father how overmuch she believes her and Willie should be paid. To this Hobson replies, Do you think Im made of look? brass is colloquialism for money. This line would have been entertain to an audience of the past because this is how the people in the streets in that area spoke like and they would be adequate to associate to it. A present audience may also have found this line amusing, however, some may not have chthonianstood it.Hobson tries to corroborate his post by shouting Ill show you what I propose, Maggie. He then lifts up the block door and shouts Will Mossop He then unbuckles his select and says to Maggie I cannot leather you, my lass. Youre female, and exempt, but I can leather him. Audiences of the present would be quite shocked by this behaviour as it is not a part of fresh, civilized caller any more. Such violence is frowned upon in our day. How ever, in the past, audiences would have been well-known(prenominal) with the term a good leathering, it would have been a regular occurrence. Therefore, they may have found this amusing rather than shocking.Hobson continues to try to assert his authority when he says to Willie Youve fallen on misfortune. Loves led you astray. He then says, I dont bear Malice, but we must beat the adore from your body. However, this backfires on Hobson when Willie says Youll not beat love in me. Audiences of the past would have enjoyed this repliance because it is the little man against the boss and in those days the boss had all authority.Willie goes on to aggravate Hobson even more when he says Im none wanting thy Maggie, its her thats after me, but Ill tell you this, Mr Hobson If you touch me with that belt, Ill take her quick, aye, and stick to her like glue. Again, audiences of the past would have enjoyed this because it is the little man against the all-powerful boss. Present audiences would have enjoyed this too because it would have illustrated Willies determination and independence.After organism struck with the belt by Hobson for his remarks, Willie then says to Maggie out of rage Ive none kissed you yet. I shirked before. But, by gum, Ill kiss you now. He then kisses Maggie, not with passion but with temper. Audiences of past and present would have enjoyed this part because it is a opus of romantic comedy and Willie is standing up to Hobson, who doesnt know what to do next. Also, from this scene, audiences of past and present would have detect that Maggie and Willie are sensible, practical and have a mature way of thinking. These characters would make Hobsons anti-social behaviour more perceptible to the audiences.Finally, carrying on in his new found self-confidence, Willie adds And if Mr Hobson raises up that strap again, Ill do more. Ill fling straight out of shop with thee and us two ull set up for ourselves. Audiences of the past and present would have enj oyed this scene because not only is Hobson shocked by what Willie has said (Hobson stands in amazed indecision) but Willie is also shocked by the confidence he showed when he stood up to Hobson.Scene FourThe final surgical incision of the play I will examine is Act Three, pages 44 47.This section follows on from a scene in which Hobson, d fadek from a night in the Moonrakers, fell protrude a pub root cellar and woke up to find he had received a fine for trespassing. Upon this charge Hobson goes to Maggies house on her unify day, in the hope of some help from her.In this section the roles of Maggie and Hobson are totally reversed. In this scene, Maggie is kinda the one who is in charge, while Hobson has to take a more reserved, subservient stance as he feels that his future is in her hands.This scene begins with a knock on the door and Hobson shouting Are you in, Maggie? Vickey, Maggies infant proclaims, Its father in a terrified voice. Albert, who is Vickeys fianc, then adds Oh , Lord, whereas Maggie simply says, Whats the matter? Are you afraid of him? This would inform the audience that there may be a confrontational moment ahead.Maggie soon takes charge of the point by telling everybody, except Willie to go into the bedroom and that shell shout them before hes gone.To this order Vickey then says But we dont want-, to which Maggie interrupts Is this your house or mine? and Vickey answers, Its your cellar. Maggie then replies by saying And Im in charge of it. some(prenominal) audiences of the past and of the present would have found Vickeys line amusing where she gets back at Maggie by illustrating the terrible contrast of a house to a cellar. They also would have been amused by the fact that Maggie reasserts herself (Im in charge of it) although she says to Willie youre gaffer here whilst ordering him to sit down.Hobson is then invited in by Willie, who is now in the role of the master of the house. Audiences of the past and the present would have fou nd it amusing when Maggie says, You can sit down for five minutes, father. That sofa ull bear your weight. This line would also illustrate to audiences that Maggie is not threatened by Hobson and makes exonerated of his arrival.Maggie again shows that she is in charge when Willie says to Hobson A piece of pork pie and Hobson replies groaningly Pork pie To this reply, Maggie pulls Hobson up sharply by saying Youll be sociable now youre here, I hope. Audiences of the past would have appreciated this amusing line because Maggie is pulling her father up sharp and she is in control in a commanding authority.Maggies authority is further displayed when she says to Hobson Happen a piece of wedding ceremony cake ull do you good. Eating the cake Hobson shudders saying Its sweet to which Maggie replies Thats natural in cake. Audiences of the past and present would have found this humorous because Hobson enjoys a drink, and being an alcoholic he cannot tolerate sweet things. This is made even more amusing when Maggie pushes the cake towards him and says, indeed theres your cake, and you can eat it, to which Hobson pushes the cake away but Maggie pushes it back again, giving Hobson no choice but to eat it, to which Hobson replies Youre a hard woman as he eats the cake and, as illustrated in the film Maggie watches over him as he eats it.This scene where Maggie forces Hobson to eat the cake would have been amusing to audiences past and present as well as viewed as something significant to all audiences as Maggie has already said Ive a wish to see my father sitting at my table eating my wedding cake on my wedding-day.ConclusionHarold Brighouses play Hobsons Choice is a valuable document of what English purchase order was like in 1915 (when it was written) and 1880 (when it takes place). I believe the play provides us with an important and useful insight to what society was like in those days in Britain as it provides us with an insight into the varying classes of people, how they were treated and their attitudes towards others.In Hobsons Choice, Maggie, the daughter of Hobson, marries against her fathers wishes much to Hobsons discomfort and dismay. There are similar themes such as this in modern society today, which are in some ways related to this theme illustrated in Hobsons Choice. For example, members of families sometimes run away from home in the hope of being with someone who they would otherwise not be able to be with chthonic their parents influence, or to simply escape from a home in which they feel much discomfort in. Also, just like in Hobsons Choice, children in modern society today marry against their parents wishes in order to be with someone.I think audiences of the past and the present would have reacted similar and would have found the play humorous as it shows the underdog or the person who had nothing, Willie winning against someone who had everything, a shop owner and a pillar of society, Hobson. In Hobsons Choice, Willie wa s a member of the poorer people and it was obvious that there was a bar between him, who worked in a cellar, and those such as Hobson who owned the shop. However, today this barrier between the liberal and the poor still exists more than ever, so it is clear that some things havent changed.I personally enjoyed Hobsons Choice as I found it amusing throughout and it was an interesting and enjoyable story the way it illustrated what Salford was like in those days and how people were treated according to their class. My favourite parts of the story were probably when Willie stood up to Hobson under Maggies watchful eye and walked out of the shop with her, much to Hobsons amazement, and when Maggie told Willie that he was the man for her and he sat down complete shock and amazement. If I was in the audience I would have enjoyed these parts because they are some of the most amusing parts of the play, mainly because of the way Willie acts. For example, it is amusing when Willie is shocke d by the prospect of labor union and he sits down mopping his brow and says in a shocked voice, Im feeling queer-like this is highly amusing as the poor man is taken back.In the play Maggie comes across as the strongest character and somebody whom feminists within todays society would be able to identify. Although in the era when the play set Maggie would have been a very unusual character. The character I would be most sympathetic with in the play would be Willie. This is because he is controlled throughout the play and he was the one who seemed to receive the most punishment, such as when Hobson tries to strike him with a belt for taking up with Maggie, even though he did not do the taking up. However, he would be the character I admire the most because of the way he didnt give under the pressure of Hobson and stuck by Maggie.

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Martin Luther King Memorial in Yerba Buena Gardens Essay Example for Free

Martin Luther faggot Memorial in Yerba Buena Gardens EssaySituated on the corner of 4th St. and Mission St., in downtown San Francisco is Yerba Buena Gardens. Sounds from the hustle and bustle of cars driving and people move permeate Yerba Buena Gardens, except in one particular location. In one corner of the gardens stands a Martin Luther office jr. remembrance. The memorial is breathtakingly beautiful with a fifty foot high and twenty foot dewy-eyed waterf in all that falls over Sierra granite. In the Memorials hallway, visitors read quotes from Dr. King himself that be engraved on glass panels and set in granite. The physical beauty of the memorial is undeniable, however umteen people atomic number 18 non aware of the symbolism lying beneath the memorials surface. The memorials waterfall symbolizes the realization of Dr. Kings dreams the realization of Dr. Kings dream, the tears shed by millions and of the junctions of African AmericasThe memorial also reminds us o f the oppressed African Americans whose voices were drowned out ignored stock- fluid, it is apparent that parliamentary procedure was pushed rearward in the race to equivalence with the mandatory evacuation of thousands of people due to the development of the Yerba Buena Gardens. King Jr. dreamt that all human beings, regardless of skin color, will one day be able to recognise in a completely free, just, and non-discriminatory society. It was his dream of an equal society that pushed Martin Luther King Jr. to become an barrack for universal suffrage. Even though the United States already had universal suffrage, unfair literacy tests and poll taxes plagued the voting assist and disqualified nearly all barren AfricanAmericans from voting 1. King wanted a colorblind society a society where all human beings are treated equally and respectfully and given the kindred personal liberties and political freedom. Martin Luther King argued, in his I Have a Dream speech, that we are no t satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty current 2. This quote from Dr. Kings speech is inscribed on the right end wall of the memorial. later on reading the final inscribed quote, it is apparent that the purpose of the waterfall is to signify the realization of Martin Luther Kings dream of a just society. Justice , The United States Martin Luther Kings dream of justice in nowadayss society a monumental victory of justice over prejudice. It is so cushy to forget about what it took for America to become a truly free and nondiscriminatory nation. The mists are a indispensable admonisher for people in todays society that personal liberty and political freedom should never be taken for granted.Though Yerba Buena Gardens is situated in downtown San Francisco, a busy metropolis filled with loud noises, the memorial itself is peculiarly quiet and calm. The memorials serenity is due to the overpowering, yet surprisingly tranquil sound of the rushi ng water from the waterfall. The power of the waterfall to drown out all exterior noise is phenomenal. It is impossible to even hear what someone is saying when they are right next to you. Visitors try to overcome the sound of the rushing water by screaming or whistling, but are unsuccessful. Independent from lifes distractions, visitors are given the opportunity to absorb all that the memorial and Dr. Kings words moderate to offer. Visitors can take this time to self-reflect and to appreciate the efforts of earlier generations fighting for equality during our nations infancy. The undeniable strength of the waterfalls sound to obscure all extraneous noise makes Being incapable of expressing feelings or thoughts leaves an unfamiliar and dreadful sensation. People liveness in todays society are usually ignorant to this unfamiliar, almost claustrophobic feeling of screaming at the top of your lungs without a single person acknowledging your frustrations.During our nations history, h owever, nearly all African Americans struggled with this said(prenominal) frustration. Helpless against the white minority, blacks throughout history struggled to get their concerns addressed and their votes counted. The visitors inability to go across vocally is short-lived and fortunately, only lasts as long as it takes for the person to walk through the memorial. African Americans, however, were plagued with powerlessness for hundreds of years. Martin Luther King Jr. felt obliged to provide a voice for all African Americans stripped of the right to do so on their own. Due to the hard work of Martin Luther King, civil rights leadership and activists, and President Johnson, on August 6, 1965 the Voting Rights Act was signed into law, which banned the use of literacy tests and also necessitate stricter monitoring of the use of poll taxes in state and local elections 3. Finally, the time had come when African Americans could voice their opinions and have them be heard, and vote f or the political constituent whom carried similar beliefs and morals. The development of the Yerba Buena Gardens, as part of the urban Re tenderal Project was not endlessly considered to be something positive and beneficial.During the 1950s, city planners forced thousands of people living in the South of Market area out of their homes, arguing that the area was dangerous Skid class ripe for redevelopment, populated by bums and transients whose fate mattered little 4. City planners left out the important concomitant that many people who lived in this area were elderly and poor and had little defense against the federal bulldozer 5. The city did try and relocate as many people as possible, but only had 276 units of new housing to replace thousands of demolished units. Thousands were left homeless and kicked out of possibly the only home they have ever known and will ever know, due to lack of job skills needed to find employment. The banter of placing a Martin Luther King Jr. memo rial, a man who advocated for equality and justice until his assassination, on land where thousands of impoverished people were evicted just a couple years earlier, is almost too horrific to comprehend.The hypocrisy in the decision to place this memorial at the Yerba Buena Gardens is undeniable and unforgiveable. The memorials waterfall is a reminder of the relentless adversity that plagued millions of blacks for thousands of years and the tears they shed. The waterfall also symbolizes the realization of Dr. Kings dream. The constructive eviction methods used during the Urban Renewal period to obtain the land where the memorial sits were ethically questionable, however it is still important to visit this monument from time to time. The memorial stands there in the in-between of Yerba Buena Gardens, in the middle of downtown San Francisco, as a silent, yet constant reminder to never take anything for granted and to always remember the blood, sweat, and tears shed by millions in ord er for people today to enjoy and influence the complete personal liberty and political freedom that we are so fortunately blessed with.

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American TV comedy Essay Example for Free

American TV harlequinade EssaySit-coms in television system history shape been one of the most authorized genres for expressing the values of the nerve and lower classes in our society, not in order to make fun of them nevertheless to express the best of them in a softer mood. For the general public today, the sit-com is like the pantomime was for the Victorians.British japery still has a Victorian taste, but it is one that is barely recognized and truly appreciated by the British, which makes the British sitcoms less worldwide, and it does also express a to a greater extent topical anesthetic anestheticised British coating. In ingrainedism, the petition of American sit-coms in relation to the British is clear. In the UK, the use of kindly class sorts is more lifelike they rely on a more complex complaisant background than the US.Although it is generally felt that UK culture is gradually becoming less defined by the stereotypes of social class, it is notabl e that in the prevail v years of television, m some(prenominal) sit-coms in UK television continue to approach mainly social class issues, which deal more to do with the working class than ever before. For example, in the last year there were ii productions that cl primaeval illustrate this point Shameless and Little Britain, recent productions by Channel 4 and the BBC, utilize the stereotype of the English working class.In one way it is not a universal appeal, the cultural features make these productions localised for the UK hearing. Shameless was about a family living on benefits in a council matted in Manchester. The main theme was their struggle to survive every day life. The central characters be septet children who where abandoned by their mformer(a) and be now looked after largely by their older child because the father is an irresponsible, but arguably charming, alcoholic living on benefits.Little Britain centred around two actors who created a serial of sketc hes different situations which portrayed legion(predicate) peculiar stereotypes in English society, from a shoplifting seventeen year old girl living in east London, to a disabled man in Birmingham on benefits who shamelessly uses his generous best friend to help him with the basic daily tasks, despite the fact that he is perfectly capable of doing these tasks himself.These cultural issues make British sit-coms funny to those who recognise the social types, but if it is to be shown to an American audience the essential part of the funny elements are lost, principally because it is not cogitate to Americans in the selfsame(prenominal) way it relates to the English. In American sit-coms the appeal is more universal there are more general jokes and the use of class is less than in the UK. Sit-coms like Friends and Will and Grace dupe a more general approach and the dramatisation of social issues is almost nonexistent. The jokes are directly associate to the actors.When Will from W ill and Grace wants to make a joke he makes one, it is not his background and his social status which is the joke but what he says. In Friends, the audience can observe the same phenomenon. Joes jokes have more to do with himself, or other members of the cast, than about his new girlfriend or the fact that she is from a working class family. Situation comedy in Britain evolved from radiocommunication comedy which in turn had its root in music hall and variety. American sit-com developed from radio soap opera, weekly drama series which were devised to attract audiences in order to sell products.The domestic setting predominated in both variations of the cook. Many advance(prenominal) American sit-coms were transferred from radio to television. 1 Radio comedy assumed a sit-com format to attract a broader audience and to encourage listeners to listen to the shows on a regular basis. Stopping to listen to a sit-com radio show at a certain time of the week became a habitual form of f rolic for many families. For the television industry, the formula was already developed by the radio and, like everything else which is successful, copying this form was inevitable.Most sit-coms fit into our reality principally because they try to use real people in realistic situations. The programmes only last half an hour and for a fixed number of episodes. In the basic sit-com, the situation is the same and every episode is self-contained it has an end (most of the time happy) in the thirty minute slot, which allows the narrative to flow at a different pace in different weeks. The stereotypical fashion of the characters and their social types provide the humour and the ideology of the sit-com. Sit-com cannot function without stereotypes.In a space as brief as a thirty-minute sit-com, immediacy is imperative, and for a character to be immediately funny that character must be a recognisable type a representation or embodiment of a set of ideas or a manifestation of a clichi. 2 For the American sit-com, the stereotype has to have a more universal appeal, where in Britain these stereotypes are more easily recognized in our local society, and the male and female stereotype interacts with the surroundings, making it part of the actors character. However, audiences can notice a change in American sit-coms in the last five years.They are using a more straight-forward form in sit-coms like Will and Grace. In this show, there is a new use of gay stereotypes being very feed but with a universal appeal. Will is a gang butch gay guy whereas his best friend is camp and feminine, perhaps the funniest of the two of them. In Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, there is the camp gay guy who interacts with an ugly and fat flatmate. nevertheless the jokes and situations in which they are involved do not have a universal appeal because their jokes exercise additional stereotypes in English society that make the programme incomprehensible for anyone other than the British.The use of su ch(prenominal) stereotypes promotes the illusion of community which can be recognized by an audience. Making fun of any remote behaviour which is not acceptable in society, one way or another, is part of the sit-com format. Situation comedy is seen as light entertainment. According to TV producers, its function is to attract funding and to catch the audience early in the evening, offering a laugh which temporarily gives them an escape from reality. In the early days of television they were seen more as a kind of family programme.Nowadays, this light form of entertainment appeals more to a middle class part of society where after a hard day of work individuals want to watch TV without stress. It is more a form of general entertainment than anything else. Such entertainments were deliberately escapist, in that they allowed audiences to presently recapture the sense of community destroyed by industrialisation and urban expansion. 3 There are three possible locations in which a situat ion comedy takes place.The first is the home and it is generally ground around a family situation. The second is the workplace and the situation that occurs as a result of interaction between characters in the work environment. The third area is less clearly defined but involves a class somehow connected in a situation outside that of the workplace. 4 Shameless uses the characters neighbourhood to speckle the situations, where Friends uses a flat and a local cafi , in which the characters usually meet.The use of similar locations guarantees a more realistic experience for the viewer. For Shameless viewers, the crosstie is automatically recognised by an English audience. However, for the American audience the sleeper would not be clear. The English audience is used to the number of council areas around many of its cities where Americans are not. In Friends, the locations appeal to both nationalities friends meeting in a coffee shop and living unitedly can be recognized in eithe r country in the same way.The connection with reality engages the public more and makes Friends a more universal and commercial program than Shameless, where the scenery can only be recognized by an English audience. Despite the fact that most English sit-coms use local stereotypes, some English sit-coms have been successfully translated to American television. The show Absolutely Fabulous was originally a successful show in the UK and became one of the rare examples of a show which was screened in America and achieved the same success as it did in Britain.The only problem was that before the series could go on view, the producers fixed to change many of the jokes which, for the American audience, were considered to be in like manner rude. Plans to show the series in the USA met with problems because it was regarded as too vulgar and too pro-drug, as were the scripts for an American remake submitted to ABC TV after Roseanne Barr acquired the rights. In the end, the first British s eries was screened in the USA in 1994 and met with success, winning two Emmys (televisions equivalent of the Oscar). It achieved a cult status in the USA, as it did in Australia.5 What the American producer judged as too vulgar was only a representation of British society during the Thatcher era. Absolutely Fabulous is no more than a production which explores the 70s and 80s in the present context. In one way or another, it is a personation of English feminism and a society where post-industrial Britain had strong capitalist roots. The past and the Thatcherite present are, at times, compete off against each other to produce comedy and social comment while at other points they meld together in hilarious confusion.6 The main characters spend most of their time shop and drinking, where Edinas daughter is more linked to nature and late twentieth century values (the post-feminism era). She only drinks natural drinks and dresses with a feminist attitude. It is the clash of both present and past which makes the comedy. The exchange of values in the way that the mothers role, which is to look after her daughter, is inverted, and the confusion with the past by Edina and Patsy which transforms Absolutely Fabulous into an international sit-com.In conclusion, there is one answer for the question Why is the English sit-com not that universal? British TV productions have had some success exporting their productions. However, the answer rests with the cultural aspects of the programmes themselves. The English audience is more open to American productions due to the fact that they are more universal the jokes, the plots, and the sceneries can be incorporated into any culture with no need of any adjustment.The British sit-coms usually explore a more local stereotype and surroundings which make the export of these productions almost impossible. The amount of cultural ideology, which makes them funny, cannot be translated in many cases. Productions like Friends and Will and G race explore more the actors personalities and lives than their surroundings. The cultural aspects in many cases are nonexistent. When the booster dose from Little Britain appears, the joke is often not what she says but her accent and the way she dresses.It is a clear association with somebody who lives in the east end of London the stereotype which makes it funny, the association of the audience with reality. For a Londoner, this association comes automatically because each viewer probably knows someone like that, or would have seen somebody or even heard such an accent before. This kind of aspect cannot be translated, and in the British sit-com these references map an integral part. American productions are more appealing to an international audience because they do not reduce excessively on local cultural aspects.BibliographyConer, J. Harvey. S. (1996) Television measure A Reader. ArnoldGeraghty, C. Lusted, D. (1998) Television Studies Book. ArnoldGoodwin, A. Whannel, G. ( 1990) Understanding Television. RoutledgeMarris, P. Thornham S. (1996) Media Studies A reader. Edinburgh University Press.Neale, S Krutnik, F. (1990) Popular film and Television Comedy. RoutledgePalmer, J. (1987) The Logic of the Absurd On film and Television. BFI Books.Strinati, D. Wagg, S. (1992) Come on Down? Popular Media Culture in Post -War Britain. Routledge1 Goodwin, A. Whannel, G. (1990) Understanding Television. Routledge P1302 Corner, J. Harvey, S. (1996) Television Times A Reader. Arnold P1113 Corner, J. Harvey, S. (1996) Television Times A Reader. Arnold P1124 Goodwin, A. Whannel, G. (1990) Understanding Television. Routledge P1325 Geraghty, C. Lusted, D. (1998) Television Studies Book. Arnold. P2896 Geraghty, C. Lusted, D. (1998) Television Studies Book. Arnold. P289

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Abuse Institutional Abuse Essay Example for Free

Ab hold institutional Abuse EssayUnit 204 Principles of safeguarding and vindication in health and social c arThe numbers in the bracket after each question relate to the assessment criteria in the standards UNIT 4222-2051. Define the pursual types of holler (1.1.1)see morereports into serious failures to protect individuals from annoyance Sexual debauchSexual abuse is the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour by one person upon another Emotional/psychological abuseEmotional/psychological abuse whitethorn involve threats or actions to cause mental or corporal harm humiliation voilation Financial abuseFinancial abuse is the illegal or unauthorised use of a persons money, property, pension book or other valuables. institutional abuseInstitutional abuse involves failure of an organisation to deliver the goods appropriate and professional individual services to vulnerable people. It great deal be seen or detected in processes, attitudes and behaviour that amount to discri mination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness, stereotyping and starchy systems. Self neglectSelf-neglect is a behavioural condition in which an individual neglects to attend to their basic needs, such as personal hygiene, feeding, clothing, or health check conditions they might have. Neglect by othersNeglect is a unresisting form of abuse in which the wrongdoer is responsible to provide care, for someone, who is unable to care for oneself, but fails to provide adequate care to meet their needs. Neglect may include failing to provide sufficient supervision, nourishment, medical care or other needs.2. notice the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse (1.1.2)3. Describe factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse (1.1.3)4. rationalize the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused (2.2.1)5. Explain the actions to take if an individual alleges that they are being abused (2.2.2)6. Identify ways to ensure that evidence of abuse is preserved (2.2.3)7. Identify national policies and local systems that relate to safeguarding and protection from abuse (3.3.1)8. Explain the roles of different agencies in safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse (3.3.2)9. Identify reports into serious failures to protect individuals from abuse (3.3.3)10. Identify sources of information and advice about own role in safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse (3.3.4)11. Explain how the likeliness of abuse may be reduced by (4.4.1)a. person-centred valuesb. active participationc. promoting choice and rights12. Explain the importance of an accessible complaints procedure for reducing the likelihood of abuse (4.4.2)13. Describe unsafe practices that may shine the wellbeing of individuals (5.5.1)14. Explain the actions to take if unsafe practices have been identified(5.5.2)15. Describe the action to take if hazard abuse or unsafe practices have been reported but nothin g has been done in reply (5.5.3)